Inspiring Keynotes

Speaking and Events

Based on our extensive research and large network we have been able to gather a large amount of insights, stories, best practices and exercises that we’ve compiled into inspirational and engaging keynotes, lectures and presentations. 

Be inspired!

Topic List:

  • Space is good, Structure is better! What business can learn from art – it might be different than what you think!
  • More Innovation in the Organization –  What you need to know about establishing a creativity culture.
  • Not a big difference? What managers and artists have in common and what distinguishes them.
  • Studio Leadership – Creating a safe and challenging environment.
  • Myths about artists and creativity – An entertaining encounter with misinterpretations, prejudices and half-truths.
  • Talent – Divine spark or just hard work? Artistic and scientific evidence about extraordinary creative productions.
  • “I am not that creative” – Why this is not true and what you can do to change your mind.

Please also feel free to engage with us on developing custom-made presentations in support of a larger initiative or program.

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