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Structure is good – Space is better. Age of Artists at the Handelsblatt IT Management Conference

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Age of Artists is very pleased to announce our key note and workshop contribution to the 22nd Handelsblatt conference on strategic IT management. The event will take place between January 18-20 in Munich, Germany. It covers digital and information technology strategies from more than 40 national and international IT experts. Together with partners from GE, 4 Advice and Risch UB we will cover a conference special during the first day.

Age of Artists at Handelsblatt IT Conference

Our topic is titled “Structure is good, space is better!” and will focus on what leaders in the IT industry can learn from artists about organizational development and how they can organize for more creativity and innovation.

In case you are curious about the event and even consider to attend please contact us for a voucher code that gives you a 200€ discount on the regular price.

Hope to see you in Munich or another place soon!


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