Charles Caleb Ward: His First Appearance in Public

The Abolition of Creativity: An Essay on Artificial and Artistic Intelligence (5/5)

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By Thomas Köplin and Dirk Dobiéy

The last part of our five-part series. Read the first part here, the second part here, the third part here, and the fourth part here.

Part 5: Ratio and resilience

A unique feature of artificial intelligence is that it knows no feeling. It works logically, although its logic is not always understandable for us humans.

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Hye Young Kim Zurich

An Artistic Mission – Interview with Korean Painter Hye Young Kim

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Since she was a child, Hye Young Kim liked to be a painter. With her passion for painting she is an exception in her family but nevertheless she was supported by her parents: “This encouragement was very important for me when I was young and it still is in these days.”

However, it’s not only praise that influences her, but also rational critique: “Of course you have to know about the difference between critique and a simple decline.

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