Ursula Bertram

“We need more than Innovators and Inventors” – Interview with Ursula Bertram

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An artistic attitude does not develop overnight. The process takes time and effort. But at the end of this path, completely new possibilities open up. In what way can business benefit from this potential? How can it create an environment in which this process can not only take place, but is also encouraged?

Art professor Ursula Bertram is dedicated to teaching and researching this subject, which is essential for Age of Artists, too: the transfer of artistic thinking and acting to other disciplines: “There is certainly such a thing as an artistic attitude, and there is a scientific attitude, too.

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Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings: Our Top Six Picks in May

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What has inspired Age of Artists in May? Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings from the World Wide Web. Our Top Picks of the Month:

We are taking advice from philosopher and literary critic Walter Benjamin with pleasure, for instance: “Nulla dies sine linea [‘No day without a line’] — but there may well be weeks”. Have a look at The Writer’s Technique in Thirteen Theses put together by Maria Popova: Timeless Advice on Writing.

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