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Insights from Art on Engaging with Wicked Problems

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One way to look at our modern world is as a gigantic collection of problems. Many of these problems might be personal and very well defined (e.g. how do I get to the office on time today?) while others are much higher complexity (e.g. those associated with geopolitical or ecological issues.)  A view of the world as full of problems is not a pessimistic view in any form but, instead, one that highlights the action-oriented and dynamic nature of our natural and man-made worlds. 

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Initial A and a New Year's Wish 1483
"Initial A and a New Year's Wish", German. 1483, woodcut, Rosenwald Collection, National Gallery of Art

New Thinking for Generation A: Our 2015 Outlook

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Learning from art is instrumental for modern organizations as they prepare for the long-term future, and for individuals engaged in this task. We are excited to start the second year of Age of Artists, and to further pursue our mission to learn from creative disciplines and apply our findings to create better outcomes for business and society.

Organizations in a global, digitized, networked experience economy want complexity reduction, innovation leadership, and superior customer experience.

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