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Structure is good – Space is better. Age of Artists at the Handelsblatt IT Management Conference

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Age of Artists is very pleased to announce our key note and workshop contribution to the 22nd Handelsblatt conference on strategic IT management. The event will take place between January 18-20 in Munich, Germany. It covers digital and information technology strategies from more than 40 national and international IT experts. Together with partners from GE, 4 Advice and Risch UB we will cover a conference special during the first day.

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Anna Farkas

From Roots to Wings – Interview with Anna Farkas

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Recently I had a class reunion meeting in Hungary with my high school friends. There are about 20 of us having the urge to see each other on a regular basis, so we meet once in a while, but at least once a year even though we live in different parts of the world, have families, are busy with our jobs … I was trying to understand why this is so important to us and I came to the conclusion that we still seem to have very similar core values and motivations like respecting others in their nature as humans, accepting them as they are, helping those in need, giving our best at what we do and trying to create a better world around us.

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