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Leveraging the past to create the future: Part two of our Bricolage feature

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In our first part of this Bricolage feature, we explored Bricolage as a potential answer to tackle problems, and to enhance creativity through improvisation, playfulness, and experiments. However, not all the problems are easily resolvable, and often the solutions are more harmful than the actual issue. In his interview with AoA , artist Bernard Pras, explains that it is difficult to anticipate the malicious effect of innovation: “we create new products as we need it, and it is often fantastic, but there is always a negative side that one could – or not – anticipate, and sometimes the malicious side takes on the initial magic of the invention.”

By taking a look at environmental issues on our starship earth and the research for new energy sources, a clear example lies in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels.

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Bernard Pras Einstein

Bricolage: Innovation without destruction

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‘Pour explorer le champ des possibles, le bricolage est la méthode la plus efficace’ (‘To explore the scope of possibilities, bricolage is the most efficient method’)
Hubert Reeves 

Yes, the world became extremely complex and it is fair to admit that we engage with problems and new challenges on a daily basis – on a personal and societal level. We strive to find new solutions most of the time by innovating.

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Peter Tomaž Dobrila Spring Steel II

Culture Generates Evolution – Interview with Musician and Multimedia Artist Peter Tomaž Dobrila

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How do you describe a musician that plays over 30 instruments and in order to get feedback from his audience “locked the room, didn’t let anyone out, and then just made big noise”. Nothing fancy you think? But what if the person telling you this with a smile is also an engineer and an official employee of the ministry of culture of his home republic of Slovenia? We think it is best to try to stay as close as possible to the core: Peter Tomaž Dobrila is an electronic and information technology engineer as well as a musician who focuses on the creative use of the new technologies.

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