Artistic Intelligence and Commercial Artists – Our Links of the Month

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Artistic intelligence and Commercial Artists – this months links play with fire, so it’s only logical to surface a contribution that explains why it doesn’t make any sense to be an artist.

Sam Wetherell wrote an article for the Jacobin, presenting the new thoughts of Richard Florida, “who wants you to know that he got almost everything about cities wrong. Talking about “creative classes” and how they influence our urban lives, his latest book, The New Urban Crisis, represents the culmination of this long mea culpa.

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Greetings (Schiller)
Picture source: Taken in Friedrich Schiller’s birthplace in Marbach am Neckar near Stuttgart early, respectively a museum nearby in early November. It shows a page of a diary where Schiller put a note to his friend Johann Christian Weckherlin: "Forever united with you; your doctor, your poet and your friend." In German the note actually rhymes. Weckherlin was probably delighted about the note except for the outlook of having Schiller as his doctor. Reports exist according to which he sometimes exaggerated with his prescriptions.

Inauguration of The Peace Maker-Franklin-Emerson Circle

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Kirsten Gay participated last week on behalf of Age of Artists at the Inauguration of the The Peace Maker-Franklin-Emerson Circle. This was the first formal meeting for this group whose purpose is to enhance the United States of America in the eyes of the world by promoting a cultural conversation. The circle was held in the home (Historical Museum) of Ralph Waldo Emerson. At Age of Artists we are grateful to be part of this emerging effort.

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