Robert Caney Fantastic Mountainous Landscape with a Starry Sky

The Battle in your Brain: Our Links of the Month

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What has inspired Age of Artists in the last month? Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings from the World Wide Web. Our Top Picks of the Month: things that attracted our attention in September.

This BBC-Documentary about the functionality of the creative brain. 58 minutes packed with research results and interesting facts about the battle insight vs. analytics and how to be most creative.

Slightly shorter than the first recommendation is another video content: The Video by BBC Look North (Yorkshire) shows musicians that moved into a school in Leeds and everyone expected the children to make progress in music. But no one expected what happened furthermore. You can watch it here.

John Peel Lectures have become a yearly highlight of ours as well. This year it was Brian Eno who gave an inspiring talk on two questions: “The first one is, is art a luxury? […] And the second question is, is there a way that you can create a situation in which the arts flourish.” Speaking of John Peel Lectures – last year’s was a nice one too featuring Iggy Pop.

The Sunday Review at the New York Times from September 4th was called “We´re All Artists Now”. Of course this article by Laura M. Holson was set books for us. Does creativity really unlock our best selves? And why is creativity the latest mantra of personal growth and career success? Read the whole article here – and share your opinion with us!

What inspired you in September?

Picture Source: National Gallery of Art Robert Caney: Fantastic Mountainous Landscape with a Starry Sky


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