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The Da Vinci Code

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German business magazine Brand Eins featured Age of Artists in their July Edition with an extensive feature. And what a title to begin with: The Da Vinci Code! Truly a wonderful idea by author Dirk Boettcher to lead into the story that continues to provide a great introduction into what we aim for: Learning from creative disciplines for better outcomes in business and society, and as the author notes “The idea is not to change things with means of art. Modern workers are to work more artistically, offices and factories should function more like workshops.”

Accompanied by photos by artist Inga Kerber the story continues to explore our findings about the artistic practice; a non-linear, iterative process that consists of recurring creative patterns that can be observed across most or all art genres and that are applicable to other disciplines. This process includes:

  • Searching: Observing, Listening, Communicating, Exploring, Collecting, Sensing
  • Reflecting: Abstracting, Deconstructing, Reframing, Ideating, Challenging, Contemplating, Reasoning
  • Creating: Experimenting, Composing, Improvising, Bricolage, Cooperating, Designing, Rehearsing, Doubting, Critique
  • Performing: Creating awareness, Stimulating emotions, Evoking meaning, Inspiring

As tempting it may be to turn the artistic process into a linear method, which is a standard procedure in business, our findings clearly indicate it is the wrong conclusion. If your work is meaningful, original, and vivid – if you create – the outcome, your approach, and your attitude will grow. The artistic process offers numerous patterns. Choosing from them will be case-by-case decisions. The path is non-linear and twisty. The practice is iterative. Not all of the results are predefined. Many will develop over time.

If you like to learn more about our findings please take a look at our recent research summary or contact us for an individual conversation.

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Picture Source: Inga Kerber for Brand Eins


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