Paolo de MatteisAllegory of the Peace of 1714 (Treaty of Utrecht)

The Luxury of our Century: Art

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What has inspired Age of Artists in the last month? Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings from the world wide web. Things that attracted our attention in october:

The annual John Peel Lecture by BBC Radio invites a notable figure from the music industry to shape a debate and create insight around music and music-related media. This year Brian Eno examines wether art ist our new luxury these days. Read the full transcript of this episode.

“The results of this study strongly support the notion that education advocates should also be advocates for music education.” For a baseline study commissioned by Nashville’s Music Makes Us initiative, KU researchers from the School of Music and the Center for Public Partnerships & Research (CPPR) examined four years of districtwide data on the 2012 graduating class, as well as student surveys and focus groups, to determine what influence music can have on students. Read more about the study by the University of Kansas.

Most people understand what corporate speak is trying to say while it sounds like a very own language. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wrote a jargon-free firing memo, edited to remove the jargon. Read the whole story on QUARTZ and tell us: how would you like to get fired?

Read this McKinsey Publication about building a design-driven culture. Because it´s not enough to just sell a product or service – companies must truly engage with their customers. Here’s how to embed experience design in your organization:  It will take you 6 minutes to read!

We liked the german Interview at the september issue of brandeins magazine: You feel better when you’re trying to improve the world. The philosopher Susan Neiman talks about practical reason, cynicism disguised as pragmatism and the Peter Pan syndrome. Find out more.

What inspired you in October?

Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons. Paolo de Matteis: Allegory of the Peace of 1714 (Treaty of Utrecht)


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