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What can Business learn from Classical Masterpieces – Interview with Miha Pogacnik

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“Great Art really mobilizes the total human nature and that is very important.”

One of the objectives of Age of Artists is to promote the dialogue and exchange with thought leaders at the intersection of art and business. One of our first conversations brought us to Miha Pogacnik, classical concert violinist and leadership consultant that taps the largely unexplored potential of art as a significant force for productivity, creativity and organizational renewal. Miha is Slovenian Cultural Ambassador, entrepreneur and adjunct professor of Art and Leadership at IEDC – Bled School of Management. Details about his passion and profession can be found at mihavision.com.

Age of Artists spoke to Miha for more than one hour during an inspiring video interview while he was at home in Hamburg on June 14th 2014. Here are some of the gems from that inspiring conversation.

Sources: Picture taken from mihavision.com


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