Wishing you and your beloved ones a wonderful holiday season and a great start into 2016

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Age of Artists flourishes steadily since we embarked on our journey to learn from creative disciplines for better outcomes in business and society exactly two years ago. When we started we didn’t even have a name for it. What was a hypothesis then has turned into a valid statement. Many of you care about our insights as we care for your thoughts and ideas about the future of business and society. We all realize simply quicker, higher or more is just not enough anymore.

Good timing is important. Our timing is right. It has helped us to engage in inspiring conversations full of wisdom with extraordinary artists, forward-thinking business people and leading scientists across various faculties. We have seen considerable interest from the press, conference organizers, companies, universities, foundations, and other institutions. On top of everything our core community of contributors developed to almost 50 people. Age of Artists has become a consultancy, education provider, research institute, content producer, and network of like-minded people. Age of Artists is a living organism, not an artificial organization.

This is also to a large extent because of your interest and appreciation for what we do and the contributions that you’ve made. With this edition of our chronicles we would like to also express a sincere thank you!

Wishing you and your beloved ones a wonderful holiday season and a great start into 2016!


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