Workshop: Act Deliberately and Creatively by Sharpening your Perception 

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The perception of different aspects and details on an individual as well as on a collaborative level is a success component of modern working environments. By perceiving we can ask questions in a different way or we can ask totally new questions – perception is a basis and requirement for exploring new options and challenging complexity.

In this workshop you will learn how to notice, train and work with your perception in an open-minded way under conduction of journalist and writer Christiane Enkeler. Constant reflection sharpens your senses especially in observing and listening. You will gain techniques to illustrate your perception in a certain way so that other people can benefit from your insights.

Elements of the artistic process and of a typical feature reportage will be used during the seminar. Reportage is considered to be a journalistic form that strongly uses sensual perception, in order to lead the audience through an exciting story.

Details and Registration (German language only)

This seminar is part of an extensive series of Arts-Based Learning Seminars that Age of Artists realizes in collaboration with OSTRALE Dresden and many other partners. OSTRALE is an international exhibition of contemporary arts in Dresden, Germany. Each year OSTRALE unites young and internationally well-established artists from across all genres. Artists from all over the world will present themselves in this year’s OSTRALE which is themed “error: X”

As part of our partnership with OSTRALE we provide education offerings and workshops that target leaders and experts in business, science and administration as creators of their working environments. The seminars support developing creative skills and learning about the artistic mindset. Participants will sharpen their perception, reflection, decision making and creative problem solving skills. The workshops allow participants to focus on different art genres and phases of a creation process that enable meaningful and unique experiences. OSTRALE is location, theme and an inspiring stage for all of the workshops.

This year four different seminars of several day’s duration will be offered in German. In case you a interested in discussing an English offering, please get in touch.

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