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Insight: Identify and Evolve Opportunities

We use qualitative and quantitative approaches to identify and evolve compelling opportunities for growth while balancing multiple objectives and perspectives.

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Experiences: Create Multivalent Solutions

We help you to build multivalent solutions that elevate and redefine customer experiences through integrated innovation concepts that are socially responsible and sustainable.

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Creative Spaces: Organize for Rewarding Interaction

We help senior leaders to set up spaces for creativity that respond to the demands of today’s business environment with actionable, pragmatic and lasting strengths.

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Individual Capabilities: Develop Crucial Skills and Competences

Our education programs inspire acquiring unique skills and developing creative confidence to support behavioral change—one person at a time.

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Assess Your Organization

Learn about your organizational maturity and enterprise capabilities.

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Speaking Engagements

Inspirational keynote and presentation experiences.

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Interactive Workshop-Events

Experience our approach while working on your most urgent topics.

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Our Motivation

Design Social Change

Many challenges in the world are extremely complex. Artistic approaches can help.

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Better Business

People Centricity and Collaborative Creation for Creativity and Innovation in Organizations.

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Future Competences

Learning from Creative Disciplines is a Must-Have, not a Nice-To-Have.

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Seminar: Crisis as a Requirement for Inspiration: Designing Business by Using Artistic Methods

When stuck in a crisis, some might resign or some might cry in despair. But the crisis can be fruitful by examining tension between possibilities and imagination. Everyone who seeks to develop ideas can use crisis as a chance and motor for inspiration.

Sandra Schürmann is founder of the non-profit organization Projektfabrik. Assisted by her co-workers, actors and trainers for social art Beata Nagy and Hans-Ulrich Ender, they will use the power of acting in order to generate and overcome an intended crisis.

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Workshop: Act Deliberately and Creatively by Sharpening your Perception 

The perception of different aspects and details on an individual as well as on a collaborative level is a success component of modern working environments. By perceiving we can ask questions in a different way or we can ask totally new questions – perception is a basis and requirement for exploring new options and challenging complexity.

In this workshop you will learn how to notice, train and work with your perception in an open-minded way under conduction of journalist and writer Christiane Enkeler

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Seminar: Video Storytelling – Moving Pictures as an Effective Communication Tool

Everyone who would like to communicate in a smart way to his or her customers, employees or other people shouldn’t ignore the possibilities of video content. To reach audiences through building a quick and intense relationship and by communicating content faster and more effectively, you need three things: knowledge about filming as a creative process, the capability to tell stories and some minimal technical skills. It is no longer necessary to spend a lot of money for complex technologies as it has been in the past.

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Fotoserie fŸr den Jahresbericht - Gruppenfotos, Einzelportraits sowie Impressionen im Haus - Aufnahmen im Dezember 2011 Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fŸr Sozialforschung gGmbH, Dr. Paul Stopp, Leiter des Informations- und Kommunikationsreferats Foto© David Ausserhofer

“It could also be hell“ – Interview with Ariane Berthoin Antal

In summer 2014 we had one of those rare discussions at the sunny but drafty courtyard of the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (Berlin Social Science Center). The talk was chastening and stimulating at the same time. Professor Ariane Berthoin Antal has dedicated much of her scientific work on artistic intervention in organizations. We talked about her research and people that build connections between business and art. We also talked about how fragile such connections can be and what happens if art is just used to stabilize what already exists.

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The Annexation of Future and Time – Interview with Painter Joern Grothkopp

Deutsche Version unten / German version below

Painter Joern Grothkopp already decided to become an artist when he was quite young. Likewise small decisions that he has to take while painting a picture, this important step for him was about an inner certainty: “If you’re not aware of the result before and finally you get surprised by yourself – this is annexation of future and time. It gives you self-confidence as well as self-coordination within this huge context where you don’t know where you’re standing.

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Insights from Applied Theatre – Interview with Researcher Fabian Lempa

Fabian Lempa is Research Associate at Freie Universität Berlin and looks into the field of applied theatre interventions in and for companies. Applied theatre, he explains “means types of theatre that don’t usually occur in traditional theatre institutions, but rather find their way into social contexts in order to set in motion various and specific constructive processes of change.“ So when you think about a major or minor transformation in your organization applied theatre might be an option.

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