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Many challenges in the world are extremely complex. Artistic approaches can help.

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Learning from Creative Disciplines is a Must-Have, not a Nice-To-Have.

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Künstler ins Management? Künstlerische Strategien als Beitrag zum Unternehmenserfolg

Age of Artists nimmt an der Podiumsdiskussion von add art am 19.11.2016 in Hamburg teil. „add art – Hamburgs Wirtschaft öffnet Türen für Kunst“ hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, unternehmerische Kunstförderung in Hamburg erlebbar zu machen. Die Kunst in Unternehmensräumen ist dafür der Fixpunkt. Davon ausgehend lässt sich erkennen und hinterfragen, welchen Stellenwert Kunst für Unternehmen hat, welche Sammlungs- und Förderkonzepte hinter einem Kunstengagement stehen, sowie welche Formen des Zusammenwirkens zwischen Unternehmen und Künstlern bestehen.

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Strategien für den digitalen Wandel: Age of Artists auf der reCampaign in Berlin

Die reCampaign ist das Branchentreffen für Online-Campaigner/innen aus Zivilgesellschaft, Stiftungen und der Kommunikationsbranche. Analysen, Tipps und Diskussionen rund um die erfolgreiche Kampagnenarbeit im Netz – von Profis für Profis.

Wir sind vertreten mit einem Vortrag, bzw. Workshop zu unserem Lieblingsthema: Das Zeitalter der Künstler! Von kreativen Disziplinen lernen

Wir erleben heute technologischen Fortschritt in einem nie gesehenen Tempo. Für Organisationen und Menschen werden Unsicherheit und Mehrdeutigkeit dadurch zum Normalzustand.

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Age of Artists participating at THE ARTS+

THE ARTS+ is a one day conference and five day fair on The Business of Creativity. It will kick off 19-23 October 2016 in Frankfurt/Main and will be the annual event for the international cultural economy. Among confirmed speakers are legendary artist David Hockney, bestselling-author Jeff Jarvis (What would Google Do?), MIT’s Carlo Ratti or Annie Luo from the World Economic Forum.

Age of Artists is presenting during the first morning when THE ARTS+ starts with an Espresso which is brief and stimulating – and anything but black: Everyday up to five candidates working at the intersection of creativity and technology will present their innovative concepts, projects and ideas within a dynamic relay on THE ARTS+ RUNWAY.

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Rather Art than Business: The best CEO’s get along without a MBA

The Harvard Business Review released last week a list of world’s best-performing chief executives. One statistical detail easy to overlook deserves particular attention beyond the ranking: Only 25% of the top 100 CEO’s have an MBA. So, clearly there must be something else that matters when it comes to leading for long-term performance and the triple bottom line. Already some years ago leading thinkers and education experts such as Sir Ken Robinson stated “The master of fine arts is the new master of business administration,” and supported his claim in saying “a study of the educational background of leaders in 652 engineering companies in Silicon Valley — you would expect that they had a background in science, engineering and mathematics,  yet .

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The Best Performing Executives: Also a Matter of Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Longevity

“Only one of the 10 best-performing CEOs in the world runs a U.S. company”, the Washington Post headlines last week, while pondering over the results of this years’ Harvard Business Review list of world’s best-performing chief executives that was released earlier that week. Eight of the top ten are CEOs of European companies and editor Jena McGregor notes “it’s the balance of sustainability measures with financial performance that explains why CEOs of U.S.-based companies are less represented at the top.” The reason why Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, who made it to the top previously, now moved down to #87 is because HBR changed the rules of the game.

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„It’s after they have actually let their hair down and danced that the best ideas come out.“ – Interview with Jason Beechey

[German version below]

Jason Beechey is a professional dancer and also rector of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden, a renowned institution for classical and contemporary dance, that exists for more than 90 years. And yet the word artist makes him a bit scared when describing his line of work: “My name is Jason, I was born and my passion is exploring the body in movement with music, the possibilities and to help other people discover their possibilities.

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