Wolf Jeschonnek

“If you only start looking in a niche, the solutions are not so extensive.” – Interview with Wolf Jeschonnek

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Download the full interview as a PDF (German only).

Young, dynamic, international are some of the descriptors that instantly come to mind as soon as you enter the FabLab in Berlin: typical Berlin. Right here one can find the huge potential of a lively FabLab: a random melting pot of people with different backgrounds, ages, interests, and skills. This is a factor that is ignored or created artificially at corporate business incubators.

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Georges Seurat Peasant with a Hoe

Artistic practice is based on routine – Interview with Andreas Reckwitz

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“By now, I see the problem that the focus related to goods has shifted too much in favor of novelty and to the disadvantage of routine, although it is clear that especially creative and artistic professions are largely based on routine.To a considerable extent, writing a novel or painting a picture is a routinized technique. It also requires specific skills that need to be acquired and trained in an extended process. ”

Read the interview with Professor Reckwitz here.

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Hans Hoffmann A Hare in the Forest

What you need to know about growing a creativity culture

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We are pleased about the release of our research essentials on how to develop a culture that grows and nurtures creativity and innovation – on an individual and organizational level.

This document represents a condensed version of our research and an invitation for dialogue and exchange. Our investigation was realized between October 2013 and July 2015 and continues on. Up to now we conducted interviews with close to 50 artists from all genres to learn about their work in general, and more specifically their mindset, approaches, practices and action paths.

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Ludovic Lepic at the Theatre Edgar Degas

Paper on Innovation Leadership: Five Leadership Characteristics of Theatrical Creation

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White Paper by Philippe Rixhon about Innoovation Leadership

“Creation and innovation unfold in specific cultures. Leadership shapes these cultures. Relying on more than twentyfive years of innovation practice in the manufacturing, service and theatre sectors, the author presents five leadership characteristics of theatrical creation and recommends their broader application.”

Find out more about Philippe Rixhon and his work on his website.

Picture Source: Ludovic Lepic at the Theatre, Edgar Degas, French, about 1877.

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The Ballet Master (Le maître de ballet) Edgar Degas, executed in collaboration with Vicomte Lepic

Presentation: Creative Leadership

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Presentation by Philippe Rixhon about Creative Leadership for Utrecht University, 22 February 2011

Find out more about Philippe Rixhon and his work on his website.

Picture Source: The Ballet Master (Le maître de ballet), Edgar Degas, executed in collaboration with Vicomte Lepic, monotype heightened and corrected with white chalk or wash, c. 1874. Rosenwald Colection. National Gallery of Art.

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