Identify and Evolve Opportunities

We use qualitative and quantitative approaches to identify and evolve compelling opportunities for growth while balancing multiple objectives and perspectives.

Outcomes and Results

  • Better insight into your current situation and future options derived from high-quality information through ethnographic research.
  • Improved perception and reflection capabilities in the organization to stay in tune with upcoming, not obvious, trends and important developments.
  • Uncovering and exploring innovation potential inside and outside the organization and provide decision support to selecting which opportunities to pursue.
  • Iterative approaches to strategy formulation and execution to counter complexity and acceleration.
  • Strategy review and correction in light of recent developments and present challenges.
  • Identification of compelling, new opportunities by focusing on available intellectual property in new ways.
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Project Examples

#1: Sales Effectiveness

The Challenge

The head of a global sales wanted to identify why his organization was not meeting their sales targets. Some issues were known but the underlying reasons were not clear.

The Outcome

Identified and prioritized 70 key opportunities for improvement related to role simplification, higher productivity, and greater employee satisfaction, and turned them into action items with clear accountability defined.

The Journey

  1. Actively listened to 65 people through personal dialogue and received insights from over 300 people by using a global survey.
  2. Ran a series of Design-Thinking inspired workshops with the project team and regional representatives.
  3. Prioritized productivity roadblocks and designed solutions aimed at higher quota attainment and lower role turnover.
  4. Helped to structure the findings for impactful sharing and communication.

#2: Procurement Operations

The Challenge

An SVP of Procurement wanted to identify the root causes of process inefficiencies and opportunities to create a harmonious work experience for procurement operations employees.

The Outcome

A list of actionable recommendations that were immediately absorbed by the department and put into successful realization within the organization and beyond.

The Journey

  1. Ethnographic on-site research for a week with focus on observation and semi-structured interviews.
  2. Identified 5 key issues that affect productivity and satisfaction not only of this role but that of many other colleagues working with the group.
  3. Worked closely with the executive team to create empathy for the day to day challenges that were impeding business progress which led to 35 actionable recommendations.